Nick Rap

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It's the 4 kid rappers kickin rhymes about TV
There's only one station and we think you will agree
That Nick hands down is the best all around
The 4 Krazy Kuzins are here to break it down

It's J-A K to the E here to kick it off on the M-I-C
It's Nick all the time when I'm watching TV
I grab the remote and hit channel forty three
I watch Avatar & Fairly Oddparents
Hey Arnold, Cat Scratch & Spongbob Square Pants
There's plenty of others that I really, really like
But I'll share to be fair and pass it to John Mike

After school every day in the mid afternoon
I do my homework then I watch Nick Toons
My number one favorite to give you a clue
It's the crazy boy genius with the crazy hair doo

Repeat Chorus

It's A to the G aka Abby G
Stuck in middle like L, M, N, O, P
The sun goes down and it's Nick at Nite
We watch all the shows that my mom and dad like
Fresh Prince, Roseanne & Mad About You
Full House, Hi Jinks yeah just to name a few
Ya see Nick is number one in kid’s entertainment
We put beats to the rhymes to help us explain it
So let's wrap it up my fellow female MC
And kick the final verse the one and only Jenny B

Hello, how are you on behalf of baby E
My younger baby brother and his diaper potpourri
Don't forget Nick Junior for the little baby bro
Blues Clues, Miss Spider & Go Diego Go
Goin’ down to Lazy Town, wonder Pets to save the day
And we can't forget Dora yeah we did hooray
The Nickelodeon rap with a Krazy Kuz twist
The four bringing more and signing off like this

Repeat Chorus

It's N-I-C to the K, Nick is the station
That we watch every day, the best kid’s channel
As if ya didn't know so relax kick back
And check out the shows


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