All About Krazy Kuzins

Krazy Kuzins

JakeJake is the oldest of the Kuzins and Jenny B’s big brother.  He loves to play sports, ride on his skateboard and jam on his guitar.  He and John Mike are buds and will make sure to stick up for each other anytime there is a “Boys vs Girls” situation.   

Abby GAbby G is the second oldest Kuzin, but in the same grade as Jake.  She is John Mike’s older sister and can play a mean keyboard.  Soccer is her sport and she also can impress on the softball field. She and Jenny B are inseparable and when they are not in the studio recording, they have been known to come up with some pretty cool dance routines.

Jenny BJenny B is the youngest Krazy Kuzin and has been known to rap with a lisp.  Even though she’s the youngest, she performs with an energetic, feisty style.  She is the drummer of the group and when she’s not making music, she can be found doing what she loves best, cheerleading.   

John MikeJohn Mike aka DJ John Mike’s specialty are the turn-tables. You can hear him scratching away in the songs and it seems that his headphones are permanently stuck to his ears. He excels at baseball but loves to play all kinds of sports, not to mention video games.

JakeAbby G

Jenny B

John Mike