Learn Your State Capitols

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Texas has Austin
Massachusetts has Boston
Idaho has Boise
Where it's not too noisy
A place I think I'd like to go
Is Santa Fe, New Mexico
And Pierre, South Dakota
Where I hear they get a little snow
Like Lincoln, Nebraska and Juneau, Alaska
Where I don't know but I was told
It's really, really, really cold
We go up and down
Side to side, back and forth
Atlanta, Georgia's in the south
Augusta, Maine is in the north
Oklahoma's pretty
With Oklahoma City
And ya know we can't forget
Nevada's Carson City
If ya weren't aware
There's Dover, Delaware
And Providence, Rhode Island
Is bound to keep ya smiling
For this next little bit
We'll go all over the map
So listen really close
And bring in the finger snap
Yeah like that
From Baton Rouge, Louisiana
To Helena, Montana
Then Denver, Colorado
To Montgomery, Alabama
I'd also like to mention
New Jersey has Trenton
Oregon has Salem
Make sure you pay attention
Nothing could be finer than
Raleigh, North Carolina
That's a good rhymer for
Columbia, South Carolina
Jackson is the answer
For the state we like to spell
It has 11 letters so give it a try
St. Paul, Minnesota's
Next to Bismarck, North Dakota
And if ya got lucky
You knew Frankfort's, in Kentucky
Attention girls and boys
There's Springfield, Illinois-
And Sacramento, California
Don't say we didn't warn ya
A great place to be
Is Honolulu, in Hawaii
Dew, dew dew dew
Dew, dew dew dew
In Cheyenne, Wyoming
The buffalo are roaming
In Olympia, Washington
The people love the sun
Did ya have it in ya
And know Richmond, Virginia
Yes I would concur
Concords in New Hampshire
I have a good friend
In Annapolis, Maryland
And if ya didn't know
It's Columbus in Ohio

Now I will begin
In Madison, Wisconsin
New York has Albany
And Nashville? Tennessee
While the capital of Florida
Is Tallahassee
We're getting pretty witty
What's in Utah, Salt Lake City
You heard it right in your speaker
Kansas has Topeka
The capital of Vermont
Is the answer that I want
Yes you over there
It's easy Mont Pelier
You don't have to worry
Jefferson City's in Missouri
There's Lansing, Michigan
Can you say that again?
There's Lansing, Michigan
If you're late to join
Iowa has Des Moines
And finally at the end of it
Hartford's in Connecticut

That's all 50 states
We hope you are impressed
You don't have to worry
There won't be a test
The lesson is over
So now that we are done
We're all a little smarter and
And we hope you had some fun

Good job... Class dismissed


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