Boys vs. Girls

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Boys vs. Girls
Girls vs. Boys

If it's boys vs. girls
We'll win every time
You know we're much cooler
And we've got better rhymes
We like to play sports
We know we're really good
You want to try and beat us
You wish you could
It's not even close
So don't even try
We're really, really strong
And we never ever cry
You play with dolls
And we're really tough
You play nice
And we play rough
Boys are just better
I'm sorry to say
That's all there is to it
So have a nice day

Repeat Chorus

I'll tell you again
As if you didn't know
But like I said before
A couple of songs ago
Girl's vs. boys
It's no contest
We're numero uno
That means we are the best
You say you never cry
What about the other day
You cried like a baby
When you didn't get your way
And when it comes to sports
Well what's that about?
When we play baseball
You're always striking out
Girl's vs. boys
Don't even start
Not only are we pretty
We're also very smart
So let that be a lesson
And remember this please
You don't want to mess
With the 2 queen bees

Repeat Chorus

Well our parents got mad
And like I was suspecting
They weren't real happy
With the talk and disrespecting
They said what in the world
You kids are unreal
We hear what's going on
What is the deal
Listen really close
And take our advice
You're brothers and sisters
So please play nice
And if you can't do that
It's safe to assume
You'll spend the afternoon
In each of your rooms

You know we're just kidding
We were only having fun
You guys are really awesome
And you're both number one
We'll try to be nicer
And do what is right
So we won't get in trouble
And grounded for the night


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