We Came To Play

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Hey we came to play
At school, in sports and home every day
Working real hard cause there's no other way
No matter what we do ya know we can always say that

Hey, we came to play
Going to the top
We came to play
Ya know we won't stop
We came to play
Gonna get a win
Do it all again
We came to play (echo for a measure)

4th and goal all we need is a yard
Coach called my play cause I run really hard
Broke through the pile and then I hit the ground
With a face full of dirt and the winning touchdown

When I'm in school I always do my best
You have to come to play when it's time for a test
Or when I play soccer as my friends can attest  
When we make songs which I guessed you could have guessed

Dribble down the court with the game on the line
5 seconds 4 seconds running out of time
Stutter step pull back that's all I gotta say
Nothing but net from the outside J

No matter what it is give 100 percent
If you're gonna take time make it time well spent
Practice makes perfect but ya have to do it right
Krazy Kuzins on the mic here to knock it out of sight yeah

And we’re singing


See me on the field and showin lots of spirit
Cheering so loud that everyone can hear it
Back handspring, cartwheel and a flip
A pom, pom shake, toe touch to a split

The bases are loaded but our team's not winning
A 3-2 count 2 outs, last inning
Down 1 run and here comes the pitch
I take a big swing, homerun? No whiff

The game just ended so ya lost by a run
Ya can't win em all but losing's never fun
No need to complain, please don't cry and whine
Keep your head up and we'll get em next time

Aside from the sports and the games and the scores
Get a win at home and do all your chores
No matter what it is, try to do what is right
Krazy Kuzins on the mic here to knock it out of sight 

Repeat Chorus 


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