Summer Vacation

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For summer vacation we spent 7 days
Digging in the sand and jumping in the waves
The weather was great everyday in the sun
A big beach house and a whole lot of fun

I'll take it back to the day that we left for our trip
The car was jam packed and we were leaving at 6
We were so full you couldn't fit another
It was me, Jenny B my mother, dad and brother

On the other side of town with the same destination
We were also leaving for the Krazy Kuz vacation
I was so excited, I couldn't sleep a wink
All packed and ready from apples to the zinc

We arrived at the house and this thing was really sweet
Right across the street 2 seconds from the beach
Plenty of space at 3 stories high
With a pool to keep us cool in the middle of July

Repeat Chorus

Rule #1 before you head to ocean
Gotta load up with the suntan lotion
We used SPF like a hundred and two
Protected from the sun in a coat of Elmers glue

We'd head to the beach with a wagon full of gear
It was so full that it made it hard to steer
Fishing nets and rods and a big tackle box
Hats and towels and sandals and crocs  

Buckets and shovels and a big boogie board
Footballs and a raft and a kite were aboard
A real big cooler with food, drinks and ice
Sandwiches, chips and some fruit yeah nice 

Repeat Chorus

Dig a hole in the sand to the middle of the earth
Or catch a bunch of fish when fishing from the surf
We couldn’t get enough of the beach routine
I got smashed in the waves like a washing machine
Sand crabs , seashells and sea-gulls all around
Playing all day til the sun went down
Then back to the house for a shower to get clean 
Eat a good dinner and after ice cream

Climb into bed and think about the day
My eyes start to close with tomorrow on the way
This one may be over but it's not the end
cause we'll wake in the morning and do it all again

Repeat Chorus


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