Keep You Groovin’

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Go Krazy Go Kuzin
This beat yeah is pumpin
Your movin, we’re provin
That we’ll keep you groovin’

It’s Jake in the house
It’s Jake in the house
Check it everybody cause I came here to pounce
Like a snake in the house when it’s chasin a mouse
With the drums and the beats that are making ya bounce
Not 1-2-3 but 4 in the crew
Kicking cool lines from here to Peru
Word got out and it spread like the flu
You know we’ll stick around like we’re covered in glue
The rhymes stay clean cause there’s no other way
Together with the beats like PB&J
So crank up the music and check it everybody
It’s Jake signing off 10-4 good buddy

Repeat Chorus

AG on the mic
AG on the mic
Check it everybody cause I know what you like
Like riding a bike or flying a kite
So high in the sky til it’s way out of site
It’s me AG aka Abby G
Right in the middle like LMNOP
A battle at scrabble and I needed 44
I spelled hip-hop on a triple word score
It’s the 9 year old part time hip hopper
I play with my friends, softball and soccer
So crank up the music and check it everybody
Abby G signing off cause I gotta go study

Repeat Chorus

Break, break, ahhhh break

It’s me Jenny B with the one John Mike
Kuzins for real and we kind of look alike
Crusin on the cul-de on my blue Schwinn bike
Stealing second base on a called third strike
The younger two of the crew with the check 1-2
See ya later alligator time to bid you adieu
So crank up the music and check it everybody
Jump around up and down and get silly like puddy

Repeat Chorus 



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