What I Like

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Krazy Kuz, yo, what do ya like?
Krazy Kuz, uh huh, what do ya like?
Krazy Kuz, what do ya like?
Let us take a minute and get on the mic

I like shorts and forts,
all sorts of sports
Blue jeans green beans,
Basketball courts
I like guitars and stars
candy bars and cars
My favorite place in space
is the planet Mars
I like A's and plays,
sunny days and praise
Not a test request
with all essays
I like canoes and zoos
with kangaroo's
Good news and gnu's
and brand new shoes
I like cats and hats
and bats and bats
The baseball, the mammal
and the weather channel
I like shakes and steaks,
snow flakes and cakes
A quest to be my best
but I make mistakes
I like my dad and mom
from here to Guam
They're twice as nice
Teach me right from wrong

I like kites and bikes
Christmas lights and Sprite
Sleeping late till 8:00
And Friday nights

Repeat Chorus

I like sweets and treats
And I beat the heat
In my pool it's cool
Like the snow and sleet
I like the spring and fall
Shopping at the mall
Giraffe's and laughs
If I do recall
I like plants, my aunts
SpongeBob square pants
Not bees or flees
Or fire ants
I like balloons and tunes
Dogs and raccoons
Toy stores Star Wars
but I won't eat prunes
I like honey, being funny
And the Easter Bunny
I give applause because
of Santa Claus' cause
I get mad a tad
But I'd like to add
Gamecube on the tube
Always makes me glad
I like planes and trains
And I don't complain
School is a tool
To exercise my brain

I like Halloween cuisine
And my trampoline
A peach at the beach
And a room that's clean

Repeat Chorus

I like pets and vets
And fighter jets
I can play all day
With my lego sets
I like an hour to shower
And candy that's sour
Or sweet to eat
And then I devour
I like the drums and gum
plus kids are no# 1
This song is long
But we're almost done
As you can see
We like all kinds of stuff
We could go on
but our minute is up
So goodbye, adios,
sayonara, see ya later
cheerio, au revoir
Um I'd like a translator
Krazy Kuz with the buzz
Not onomatopoeia
Just a line with a rhyme
A, b to the cee-ya

Repeat Chorus

…now that ya know
We'll turn off the mic


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