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We're the Kraziest Kuzins
With K's not C's
No O in cousin
The S is a Z
K-U-Z-I-N-S Please

It's John Mike on the mic What do you like?
Riding real fast on my
2 wheel bike
You may see me cruising
Flying down the block
And if you get lucky
I might just stop

The oldest Krazy Kuz
In the place to be
J to the A
To the K to the E
That's right I'm Jake
And I really like snakes
I catch big cats when
I'm fishing in the lake

Repeat Chorus

I'm Jenny B to the L
And you know I'm doing well
I know you like this song
And the way we like to spell
I'm a real big girl
With real big dreams
I like chicken nuggets
But I don't like beans

A to the B
And the B to the y
If you say hello
Then I'll say hi
I don't have gills
But I swim really good
Don't always clean my room
Even though I should

Repeat Chorus

If that's what you want
Then that's what you get
But you get what you get
And you don't throw a fit

So that's how you ask
For the krazy kuz rappers
Rapping like I'm rapping
Not a bubble gum wrapper
They write, I recite
And I like to drink Sprite
I'm always real polite
Am I right? Not quite

Speaking of...
I love to blow a bubble
I never make a mess and
I never get in trouble
Anytime I chew 2 piece of gum
I huff and I puff
And I blow a double bubble

Over and out Krazy Kuz getting tired
Time to go to bed but mom says I'm wired
Time to go to bed to catch some Z's
To ask for Krazy Kuz you say more please

Repeat Chorus 2x


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