4 Krazy Kids

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Krazy Kuzins and we like
To make a lot of noise
We're 4 krazy kids
2 girls 2 boys
Krazy Kuzins
Rapping to the beat
Here to tell everybody…

I'm J E double N Y to the B
I play with bitty baby
And I play with Barbie
I am a big girl
And I do what I'm told
I'm in Kindergarten
And I'm 5 years old

A to B and the B to the Y
Go Abby, go Abby, go Abby
My name is Abbey G
And I love to roller skate
Swimming in my pool
And eating chocolate cake
When I'm not playing
I'm probably in school
In the 2nd grade
And you know girls rule

Repeat Chorus

It's the 2 coolest dudes
As if you didn't know
Kicking and punching
Like taekwondo
Eeeyaaa, Eeeyaaaa
My name is John Michael
People call me Jake
I'm 5 and a half
I'm already 8
We play baseball
And build Lincoln logs
We like to eat worms
And big fat frogs
Eww that's gross
You know that's not true
Don't forget lizard pie
And hot cricket stew

You act so tough
And think that you're cool
But like I said before
You know girls rule
So please just remember
It's no contest
We're numero uno
That means we are the best

Repeat Chorus

Don't forget baby E

His name is baby Eric
He's 20 months old
He's 20 month's old
And he's got a runny nose
He's got a runny nose
Cause he's got a little cold
We call him baby E
He's our little baby bro
(Baby E babbling)

Krazy Kuzins and we like
To make a lot of noise
We're 4 krazy kids
2 girls 2 boys
It's Jenny, Abby
Jake & John Mike
Making krazy rhymes
We hope that you will like

Krazy Kuzins on the mic
Rapping to the beat
Here to tell everybody
We're out of here

Let's go get some fruit snacks


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