The Thunderstorm

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The last thing I said
Before I went night, night
Mom can you please
Turn on my night light
The winds picking up
And the rain's coming down
The thunder's getting loud
And there's lightning all around
I guess I fell asleep
Cause it all went away
I even had a dream
Of a nice sunny day
But then I heard a pop
By now it was late
I looked at my clock
It was 2:38
The trees were going crazy
And the flashes were bright
Plus I was too scared
To sleep again tonight
Then there was a huge
Super loud boom
I jumped up fast
And ran out the room
Right down the stairs
To mom and dad's bed
The TV was on and
The weather man said

The low pressure system
To make you aware
Is coming from the north
With some cool dry air
With warm air in place
The two clash together
And that is the reason
For the really nasty weather
Well that's all for now
From weather man Jake
I'll have an update
After the break

Well I hope it's okay
And you think it's alright
But I'm sleeping with you
For the rest of the night
I climbed in the bed
And all of us shared
The storm was still mean
But I wasn't even scared
With mom and dad
I slept really great
When I woke up
It was quarter past eight
The birds were singing
And the sky was blue
The sun was out
And the storm was through
The TV was on
And so was the weather
The forecast now
Was much, much better

The storm passed through
It's now far away
It's gonna be a perfect
Day to go and play
For the 5 day forecast
Let's take a peek
It's gonna be sunny
The rest of the week

The moral of the story
For the kids out there
Sometimes ya can't sleep
Sometimes ya get scared
It's no big deal
So remember what I said
You're safe and sound
In your mom and dad's bed


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