Must Have Been Dreamin

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Have you ever had a dream?
And you don't know how you feel
Crazy things happen
But it seems so real
Well here's my story
I don't what it meant
Tell us all about it
Tell us how it went

Last week I was tired
And watching cartoons
I must have closed my eyes
‘Cause then I heard a boom
I looked out back and
Standing in the trees
Was a 40ft T-Rex
Staring at me
At first I was scared
But he was really silly
He said my name is Fred
But you can call me Willy
Now I could be wrong
Or maybe I don't know
But I thought you guys died
50 million years ago
He said what do you mean?
I live right down the block
Next to Sally stegosaurus
And the pterodactyl flock
Then he came inside
He was hungry for a snack
He ate everything we had
And didn't hold back
The chicken and the cereal
The broccoli and cake
The peanuts and granola bars
The apples and the steak
Then he turned to me
I thought I was dessert
He said I better go
Or I'll be late for work
He walked out the front
And fit thru the door
That's when I woke up
I'd been sleeping on the floor
I know if it was real
I would have been screamin'
Hanging out with a T-Rex
I must have been dreaming


I also had a dream
But I knew it was pretend
The coolest dream ever
I didn't want to end
Well here's my story
I don't what it meant
Tell us all about it
Tell us how it went

In my dream the other night
I was flying through the air
I was higher than the trees
And I wasn't even scared
I was talking to a bird
And she was talking back to me
You must be Abby
My name is Jenny B
But Jenny B's my cousin
She's doesn't have a beak
She doesn't have feathers
Or skinny little feet

In your dream I do
So let's go have some fun
We can fly all over town
Until the dream is done
We'll go really fast
Then take it kind of slow
We can go up in the clouds
Then take it down real low
We'll be nice to other birds
And give them all big hugs
And when we get hungry
We'll eat a bunch of bugs

I think I better go
I bet my mom is calling
Plus I don't eat things
That are furry and are crawling
That's when I woke up
The dream was kind of cool
But my alarm clock was beeping
It was time to go to schoo


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