Kids That Rock

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If ya didn't know
We're the kids that rock
Getting really smart
And we're never gonna stop
We sing about school
With a hip to the hop
We're just like you
We're the kids that rock

My name is Jenny B
I'm a kid that rocks
B is for Bailey
Not Jenny from the block
I like to go to school
And never throw a fuss
Crusin' back and forth
On the big yellow bus

The bus is pretty cool
But recess is the best
Much more fun than
A social studies test
We run around crazy
And play lots of things
Like sports and tag
Until the bell rings

First name Abigail
But people call me Abby
You could say my rhymin'
Is not too shabby
I listen to my teacher
And follow all the rules
I get good grades
And I learn a lot at school
I work real hard
With a full load
It's cool to buy lunch
When I punch in my code
Friday is my favorite
And everyone buys
You can get pizza
Or burgers and fries

There's all kinds of kids
In each of my classes
Tall ones, short ones
Some wear glasses
Some have short hair
But really long names
Everyone's different
But everyone's the same

Repeat Chorus

The 4 Krazy Kuzins
Here to make you smile
So Jake kick-it live
Elementary style

It's Jake in the class
See ya on school days
I never ever miss
And I try to get straight A's
Monday thru Friday
Ya know we're in session
The teacher is teachin'
So listen to the lesson
Science and math
Reading and writing
History and music
It's all so exciting

My school is huge
The hallway's long as a mile
We're quiet when we walk
And we walk single file
We're loud after lunch
When we play outside
Swinging on the swings
And going down the slide

Repeat Chorus

It's John to the Mike
I'm a kid that rocks
Learnin' so much
I never wanna stop
You know I have friends
And my friends are funny
I'm 3 ft 9
Now give me lunch money

We're singing this song
For kids that go to school
We want you to know
We think it's really cool
We do all the things
That you do too
The 4 Krazy Kuzins
We're just like you

Repeat Chorus 2X


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