Whos Ready?

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Who's ready? We're ready
For the big day we all get ready in our own special way
Christmas is coming and as we get near it
We like to sing songs to get in the spirit

Santa is ready and packing up the sleigh
Ready for the kids ready for the big day
Checking out the map he'll be leaving in a bit
He prepares, makes repairs, then he's ready for the trip

Rudolph is ready he knows that his nose
Will guide as they fly from the light when it glows
At the front of the pack as they cruise across the sky
So ya better not pout and I think you know why

The elves are ready and making all the toys
Some for the girls but most for the boys (hey)
So when you get a gift just know that they made it
They work real hard and are appreciated

Repeat Chorus

Mom's getting ready decorating inside
Putting up the wreaths and cooking on the side
Turkey and stuffing and pies and such
Cakes and cookies man I can't get enough

Dads getting ready putting lights all around
On the house, on the roof, on the trees, in the ground
When he plugged 'em in, I could see it from my room
The one in the house that I own on the moon

The Kuzins are ready to help dad and mom
Cleaning up, playing nice to keep the peace and calm
It's better to give than it is to receive
So we'll do our share and help those in need


Everyone's getting ready Christmas is near
We're all excited for the best time of the year
I think we got 'em all but lets go down the list
One more time just in case we could have missed
We got Santa, Rudolph and the elves working hard
Mom, The Krazy Kuzins and dad in the yard
Just some things that we all like to do
We could keep going but we'll stick with a few
So one more line with the who's ready rhyme
With the who's ready chorus one more time



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