Its Christmas Time

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What's the time?
It's Christmas time
Say what's the time?
It's Christmas time
Yeah what's the time?
It's Christmas time
What's the time?

It's Christmas time and Santa's on his way
Flying through the air on his great big sleigh
With his big white beard and his big red hat
Reindeer in the front, presents in the back

It's Christmas time and we decorate the tree
I like a lot of lights to make it look pretty
Angel on the top, presents underneath
Stockings on the fireplace, right below the wreath

It's Christmas time so we're eating lots of sweets
Cookies and cake and candy cane treats
They say that it's better to give than receive
So I'll save some for Santa on Christmas Eve

It's Christmas time and snow‘s on the ground
Falling from the sky as Santa comes to town
Someone told me as he gets near
If you listen close you might just hear

Ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho
Ho, ho, ho
Merry Christmas

Repeat Chorus

It's Christmas time I've been really, really nice
All I really want is a brand new bike
But if I don't get it well that's okay
I'll still have fun on Christmas day

It's Christmas time so get in the mood
We're singing lots of songs and eating lots of food
I even sing songs that I really don't know
So deck the halls with mistletoe

It's Christmas time so be kind to one another
Your family and your friends
Even my little brother?
Yeah that's right you heard it right here
Krazy Kuzins having fun and spreading lots of cheer

It's Christmas time our song is at the end
We hope that you enjoy the message that we send
So say it all together ‘cause now we will recite
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Repeat Chorus


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