New Year Cheer

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It's a Krazy Kuz party and we're here to celebrate
A new year's here and it’s gonna be great
Now everyone together 'cause you know we can't wait
It’s the New Year cheer so let’s celebrate

It's J E double N Y to the B
Here to kick it off, you can call me emcee
Kinda like a rapper or the host of the party
If you're not here then I'll mark you as tardy
Now back to fresh, new Cool Front Production
The next Krazy Kuz needs no introduction
So let's get to it without further ado
Abby G drop it please and do what ya do
It's AG in the house, I'm about to spread knowledge
One year older but I'm not in college
Welcome to the party we're glad you could attend
The time fly’s by it's hard to comprehend
Last year was really good but this one will be better
New Year C h e-e r if you convert it to letters
Kick back and relax 'cause the party has begun
Stick a fork in the year cause ya know that it's done

Repeat Chorus

Let's give a warm welcome for the oldest in the group
Here to break it down and give you the scoop
Hola it's Jake and the new year hip hop
With friends and the fam as we watch the ball drop
People are cheering, laughing, hugging and singing
The fireworks are popping and my ears are both ringing
31st to the 1st at 12 on the dot
We all start fresh with a new shot clock
So make a little noise throw your hands in the air
Now back to the host with the most and the flair
Thanks for words well said by the way
And last but not least please take it away

It's John to the Mike on the mic as you can see
Or should I say hear if your here then agree
See I need to be clear when I make a guarantee
That we're gonna have fun on the holiday CD
Vacay is in, schools out for a while
If nothing else that's enough to make you smile
With that I'm out like a trout in a drought
But back real soon I can say without a doubt

Repeat Chorus

On behalf of the crew thanks for coming out today
Before we shut it down there's some things I want to say
We hope everyone had a really good time
You know we owe it all to the beats and the rhymes
Plus we owe it all to the kids out there
Kids like us and we know that you care
So before we have to go I would like to suggest
The New Year’s here let's make it the best

Repeat Chorus


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