Hip Hop Holiday Cheer

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Its Christmas time and you know that we're rocking
Rhymes to the beats like treats in your stocking
Back on the mic with a present you can hear
Krazy Kuzins with the hip hop holiday cheer

Ya better watch out and please don't cry
It's time to be happy and I'm gonna tell you why
Santa's checking his list, it's on his PC
In a spreadsheet, sorted alphabetically

He keeps it updated and started last winter
He'll check it once, twice, then print it on his printer
And if your name's on it and I know that it is
That means cool presents for all the good kids

Repeat Chorus

Santa sees you when sleeping and also in the day
At school when you work and at home when you play
So be nice to your sister, be nice to your brother
Listen to your dad and give respect to your mother
Don't do it for Santa though that's still alright
Do it for yourself and do it ‘cause it's right
So join in the fun be a part of the bliss
The four bringing more and we're singing like this

Repeat Chorus

Abby G & Jenny B tell the kids out there
The way we celebrate as they may be unaware
From decorations on the front lawn to lights on the house
Here’s some ways we do Christmas in the south
Heat up the pool and swim on Christmas Eve
Pick out a tree in shorts and a tee
Usually it's warm and not cold as ice
Last year it was 70 degrees and nice
There's not much snow but we keep in the mood
Give thanks for what we have especially the food
Deep fry a turkey or better yet still
Barbecue baby back ribs on the grill
So join in the fun ‘cause you don't want to miss
And all together now as we sing like this


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