The Longest Night Ever

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It was the night before Christmas and I'm laying in my bed
I can't go to sleep from the thoughts in my head
Everyone was over all the Kuzins were invited
They just went home but I'm still so excited
Cause tonight is the night Santa's coming to my house
I'm the one stirring forget about the mouse
It's getting real late, I'm supposed to be tired
Supposed to be out like a light but I'm wired
Staring at the clock and the time's not moving
My brain's at a party and it's dancing and grooving
12 o'clock, 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3
I'd give anything just to go to sleep
And that's when I heard it a real loud noise
Someone's downstairs and they're laying out the toys
I couldn't help myself as I jumped out of bed
Peek downstairs see a man dressed in red
Just as I suspected all the way from the North Pole
Santa's in my house with a big sack of new coal??
Hold up wait, there's been a big mistake
Santa I've been good, it's Krazy Kuz Jake
Then he said to me but in Abby G's voice
Sorry big guy but I didn't have a choice
Jenny B wrote me, your loving little sis
She said you've been mean and it went like this
Dear Santa Clause I'm writing you because
My brother's behavior has some serious flaws
I'll bring you up to speed in case you're unaware
He always starts fights and he doesn't like to share
He just not nice so let me conclude
He's been really bad and is all around rude
I hope all is well and I think you will agree
See you soon Santa yours truly Jenny B

Christmas Eve every year is the longest night ever
It's John to the Mike and here's my 2 cents
That letter's not cool and I do take offense
As a brother and a Kuzin it's a fact Jake is great
You know how these girls sometimes exaggerate
They only fight a little cause they're really good friends
Well that's enough from me let's see how it ends
After Santa left I walked up to the tree
To check out the coal that was sitting underneath
It was spread all over on the stairs and the ground
In my stocking, in the tree with no presents to be found
I started to get sad ‘til the angel at the top
Of the tree said hey Jake it's time to get up
Over and over and she wasn't gonna stop
She said it's okay it's almost 8 o'clock
It all made sense as I opened my eyes
Jenny B was talking much to my surprise
That's when it hit me everything was alright
Just a crazy dream I had slept through the night
When I looked at the tree, what huge relief
Instead of coal there were presents underneath
We had a great day but it’s really nothing new
I get so excited that there’s nothing I can do
So this has become an annual endeavor
Christmas Eve every year is the longest night ever

Repeat Chorus