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All I want for Christmas is a pair of Crocs
A couple of Jibits and a chicken with chicken pox
A frog and a hog and a pair of dirty sox
Big League Chew and a pack of Pop Rocks
A superconducting supercollider
Luke and Chewy and an X-Wing Fighter
A fly and to fly and a big hairy spider
Not an airplane but a single wing glider
All I want for Christmas is my rear back molar
A brand new controller and a bear that's polar
A stroller and a bolder and a solar steamroller
Some lessons and sessions ‘cause I want to be a bowler
A pad and a lily and a big bowl of chili
A tree and a flea and a goat named Billy
He'll eat all the grass so I won't have to mow
Um, anything else? I'll be sure to let ya know
All I want for Christmas is a ship and a skipper
A scooter and computer and commercial wood chipper
A cooler and a fridge, a freezer and a heater
A pachysollick-cafiscofic-megalometer
Art paper and a scraper and some chocolate milk mix
A thimble and a symbol and a pair of drum sticks
A mosquito burrito for my pet bat Pat
He won't seem 'em but he'll eat 'em and he'll get real fat

Warning this krazy Christmas list
Was made by professionals
Kids please don’t try this at home

All I want for Christmas is a couple of planets
Coconut trees, two screws and a hammock
A 5 star resort, airport and a fort
A blizzard and a lizard and a new sport court
A boat and a coat and a great white shark
A snail and a whale and my own water park
So I can ride, rides all the time with no lines
The kind that ya find on a day when the sun shines

All I want for Christmas is a beat that rocks
A gaggle of geese and a pillow with polka dots
A cradle and a ladle and a tub full of Jello
A washtub bass, shoelace and a cello
Limes and new lines cause we're getting kind of low
A foul and a bucket plus the one free throw
A mitt, base hit and a big banana split
Plus one more word that will rhyme with it
All I want for Christmas is some fruit and a flute
Cowboy boots and a parachute suit
A really smart newt to compute square roots
Plus cute and astute and good at hula hoops
A skirt and a shirt and some clothes I suppose
Rose bows and a Bose and polish for my toes
And last but not least an island in the sea
A Mollie and a dolly and a bowl of potpourri

Repeat chorus


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