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We are K to the R to the A to the Z to the Y
To the K to the U to the Z to the INS
Four hip hop stars
Krazy Kuzins that's who we are

K to the R to the A to the Z to the Y
To the K to the U to the Z to the INS
Kid hip hop stars
Krazy Kuzins that's who we are

It's enny Jay E-Bay, not dot om-cay
Ya think to yourself what did she just say?
It's ig-pay atin lay on the c e-day
Not so easy to comprende
A few more words and I promise I'll op-stay
Kids check it out, it's etty-pre ool-cay
Repeat after e-may one more ime-tay
Azy Kray Uzins Kay that's who we are-ay

Your driving us azy cray with that alk-tay
It ends right now and that I omise-pray
So with that John Mike takin over
Consider us lucky like a four leaf clover
When it's time to record then the fun has begun 
More than a little and closer to a ton
Cool for the house or jammin in the car
In case you forgot just remember we are

Repeat Chorus

It's A B B Y
Plenty of fun so we don't have to try
Plenty of lyrics never short in supply 
Taking off like a rocket on the 4th of July
It's really no joke as we all are related
On our mom's side and that's not to be debated
Jake is the oldest, followed by me
Then John Mike and of course Jenny B

I'm the 4th youngest or you could say the oldest 
The others are cool but I am the coldest
I like to play sports and watch it on the tube
And say crazy things like goo goo ga joob
It's kids hip pop yeah and I'm a big fan
Crackin like an egg but I'm not the egg man
So pump it in your house and jam it in your car
Here to let you know twice again we are

Repeat Chorus



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