We're Back

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We're Back
The 4 Kool Grade school Kuzins
We're Back
That's right and we've got another dozen
We're Back
Time flies and it's been too long
We're Back
Krazy Kuz tell em what's been goin on

It's AG on the mic and I'm bigger and stronger
I grew 3 inches plus my hair's a little longer
The 4 krazy kids on a whole new endeavor 
K squared in the house and we're better than ever

It's J E double N Y to the B
We're back with the rhymes and we're back with the beats
We're back with fun and we're here to repeat
That we're back for the kids riding in the back seat

Repeat Chorus

Make no mistake it's Jake and I'm no longer 8
Another year and a grade and a birthday cake
We're here so you hear and ya don't have to wait
We're back on the tracks so relax and relate

It's John Microphone you can call me John Mike
K to the E or a C if you like
Same crew but we grew and we would like to say
That we're B to the A to the C to the K

Repeat Chorus

I said last album we're just like you
We do the same things that all kids do
Like play lots of sports which is no big shocker
Baseball, softball, basketball and soccer
Dance class, cheerleading, recitals and plays
Lot's of homework and lot's of good grades
Some fun in the sun and we were on location
A week at the beach for summer vacation
There's so many things that we did over the year
We'll cover more later in the songs that you’ll hear
So one more time we would like to say
That we're b to the a to the c to the k

Repeat Chorus


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