Schools Out

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School's out, no doubt
Vacation is here
Homework is over
So together let's cheer

Schools out so shout
Throw your hands in the air
Have a great summer
And we'll see ya next year

Sc to the h double o l's out
The party is starting
And ya know we're all about 
Rockin on the mic with the hip hop hits
Abby G kick it off for the kids, big sis

It's me indeed that’s right AG
School is out that’s right we are free
No more classes and no more tests
Sleeping late every day now that is the best

It's Jake on break and where I want to be 
No school in the future as far as I can see
Homework is gone bye, bye see ya later
Out with the old, and the new grade is greater

Jenny B on the mic and to school I say good bye
I'm really very sad now that is a lie
I'm really very glad and let me tell you why
Gonna chill in June and vacation in July

Repeat Chorus

It's John Mic and this is what I like
I get to stay up a little later every night
I get to go to be every night with a smile  
I get to let my brain take a rest for a while

Hey it’s E but call me E-Bro
From 4 krazy kids and I don't have a cold
The new Krazy Kuzin but I will have a tan
On the scene and the team with the no school jam 

Sc to the h double o l's out
The party is starting
So hey check it out
The 4 Krazy Kuzins with the hip hop hits
With the Schools out song and we kickit like this

Repeat Chorus



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