Oh No

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Having a catch yeah b-ball in the front yard
I threw one high and okay a little too hard
It wasn't my fault John Mike you should have caught it
Don't blame me cause you break it then you bought it

Well that's what I'm thinking so back to the story
The ball kept going and it gets kind of gory
Heading on a path to the house across the street
Like a heat seeking missile if the windows were the heat

So I thought oh noooo
And I said oh nooo
And I'm like oh nooo
Oh noooooo

And what happens next?  Can you guess a little?
It goes dead center I mean right for the middle
It sounded like a bomb blew that is for sure
It wasn't my house but I live next door

Glass everywhere and the dogs start barking
First thought in my head is I should be departing
Kind of like a plane but instead of being late
Folks we're leaving early - pushing back from the gate

Repeat Chorus

Strap on your seat belts it's gonna be bumpy
Mr. Pickles is coming and looking pretty grumpy
Eyebrows in a V and his fists clenched tight
I may have left the gate but I never took flight

He said waa waa waa tell your mom
and waa waa waa mow my lawn
and waa waa waa in a holler
waa waa waa waa waa 200 hundred dollars

Repeat Chorus



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